Veterinary Technology

Client: Vetster

Purpose: Web Media + Experiential Marketing (Outdoor Photobooth)

Animal Talent: Various

Art Direction: Lyndal Moody

Vetster connects millions of pets and their owners with digital-first veterinary and pet care solutions through their platform.

As part of their community outreach plan, Vetster participated in a local dog festival in downtown Toronto where they hosted an outdoor photobooth. All pets were invited to sit on the red couch and have their photo taken. Many dogs (and one turtle) took them up on the offer.

In addition, images were created for a hyper-local social media campaign for pet parents in Toronto.

Outdoor Photobooth (Festival Activation)

Vetster outdoor photobooth featuring red couch and Toronto dogs.
dachshund and man take selfie in front of CN Tower
brown lab and man consult vetster online
man and dog in front of CN tower
iphone taking photo of man and his brown lab dog
dachshund and man on TTC
commercial pet photography for Vetster
commercial pet photography for Vetster
Dog dad talking on phone to vet with chocolate lab in Toronto

Toronto, Canada

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