Studio White

For pet food packaging, marketin collateral, or whenever you need the animal and product to be front and centre with no distraction.

Pets + Products in Studio

brown tabby cat with Bose noise cancelling earphones photographed on white seamless
frenchie dog pushing ball with nose on white seamless
happy pomeranian dog on white seamless
white dog playing with barkersons subscription box on white seamless
bulldog with big tongue during commercial photography session
brown lab poking nose in dog subscription toy bag
orange and white tabby cat during commercial photo shoot
australian shepherd on commecial dog shoot for subscription box
smiling dog on ikea chair during commercial pet shoot
happy dog relaxing in cuddle bed
dog lying on blanket
sleeping dog in pet bed commercial shoot
german shepherd with dog toy in his mouth on commercial shoot
dog doing tricks for commercial photography session
ferret on white studio background
catnip cat toy photography
latte coffee and brown leather notebook
tabby cat on white background
healthybud dog treats toronto
TTC dog leash on white background
commercial beer photographer

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