City Limits Dog Boarding

Dog Daycare, Grooming

Client: City Limits Dog Daycare

Purpose: Web & Print Media

Animal Talent: Provided by client

Art Direction: Client

City Limits Dog Boarding is a beautiful property located in Berslau, Ontario and serves the surrounding Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph areas. They offer daycare, boarding, grooming, and a wonderful swimming area during the summer season.

The brief was to showcase the property and the services offered as well as create uniform headshots of the team working there. We worked with staff and client dogs over 3 days to fill out their needs for the website and a social media library.


4 white dogs in a row
female dog walker with 2 dogs
two dogs playing with ball
brown labrador dog eating a waffle
small dog jumping for ball
4 white dogs in a row
male dog walker with small dog
2 small dogs playing in yard
3 white dogs playing
dog swimming in pool
City Limits Dog Boarding sign at sunset
City Limits Dog Boarding property photo
irish wolf hound dog in keenel
male groomer bathing a white dog
small white dog being groomed
City Limits Dog Boarding website screenshots

Toronto, Canada

London, UK

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