UPZ Pet Products

Pet Fashion

Client: UPZ Pet Products 

Client Location: Toronto, Canada

Purpose: Print & Web

Animal Talent: Cluster, Teddy, Nala, Max, Milo, Oreo & Toby.

UPZ Pet Products is a fashion brand for dogs and cats, proudly designed in Toronto.

We were asked to scout and photograph 6 dog models of various sizes and breeds as well as 1 cat model, wearing a total of 15 different outfits. The brief also required 2 dogs that could work together to showcase matching outfits in different colours, who were absolutely adorable.

Shot on location around the GTA, Canada, during one of the hottest summers on record in the midst of a the COVID-19 pandemic, it required following government guidelines on social distancing and increased cleaning measures. We worked with a small crew and with each dog individually to ensure that everyone remained safe.

Toronto, Canada

London, UK

(416) 568-2547

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