Toby & Ace

Dog Leashes

Client: Toby & Ace

Purpose: Print & Web Use

Animal Talent: Arla, Arson, Dyna, Maya, and Perses.

Agency: Cubert

Art Direction: Justin McLellan

Toby & Ace designs luxury beds and shock-absorbing leashes for dogs of all sizes. I was thrilled to hear that they made beds for the large breeds because I hear over and over again from portrait clients how the industry seems geared to the little ones.

The brief required 5 dog models who would be primarily showcasing the shock-absorbing Zig Zag leash. The leash is designed for comfort when a dog suddenly moves or pulls, so we needed to find models who could not only walk nicely on a leash but also, on command, pull. We also wanted to show how great the leash could be for runners.

We scouted for an urban location that would give us enough variety in backgrounds to show the lifestyle of those who live in the city with a dog.

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Toronto, Canada

London, UK

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